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CalStreets Vintage Skater Collection

Published by Concrete Wave Magazine and Special Thanks to Michael Brooke. Concrete Wave Editions
1054 Center Street, Suite 293, Thornhill, Ontario L4J 8E5

Publisher’s Note

In November of 1976 I was able to purchase my first issue of
SkateBoarder Magazine.

I had read about the magazine a year before, but to see it on the newsstand at
our local convenience store was an incredible surprise. I quickly plunked down
my $1.25 and was transfixed. The photos and stories were just magical. The
“magician” responsible for SkateBoarder was a man by the name of Warren
Bolster. It was his vision and drive that created “the bible” of skateboarding.
His commitment to document all types of skateboarding and skaters has stayed
with me for close to thirty years. It is a vision that I try and capture as
publisher and editor of Concrete Wave Magazine.

Warren’s devotion to building and documenting skateboarding almost
consumed him. By 1978, the editorial reigns were passed. However, the legacy
of Warren’s work within skateboarding has not been forgotten. Warren Bolster
didn’t just capture the rebirth of skateboarding, he captured its true soul.

My deepest thanks go to Kevin Harris of Ultimate Skateboard Distributors.
His financial support and dedication to this project is overwhelming. We simply
could not have done it without Kevin. Daniel Gesmer has done a tremendous
job as editor and I’m grateful for all his efforts. My thanks also go to Blair
Watson for assisting with editing duties. My designer, Mark Tzerelshtein aka
Markintosh, has done a wonderful job of laying out the book. A thank you to
Laura Thornhill-Caswell who first put in me contact with Warren. Finally, a
huge amount of gratitude and respect to Warren Bolster, the man who created
so much magic within the world of skateboarding. Thank you for inspiring me
along with millions of other skateboarders worldwide. This book is a

celebration of your incredible legacy.

Michael Brooke