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Cat Restaurant NOW in HD

Blade Skateboard Cat Downhill longboarder Critter the Freestyle Kitty Cat Vintage California Streets Pepperazzi ala Pepper Cat Restaurant General

NAME: Blade, Blademaster, BladeRaider


BIRTHDAY: May 8, 2001
FAVS: Soft food
JOB: CalStreets Boardshop

GALLERY: Triple 8, B&C Sisters

BAD HABIT:  Has decided that she doesn't
do litter boxes - Poos in Bathtub,
Pees in drain - Beware Vistors *

NAME: Critter also Critterhead, Critterize.

BIRTHDAY: May 8, 2001
FAVS: Boxes, Catnip
JOB: AXS Longboard Retailer Magazine

GALLERY: Triple 8, B&C Sisters

BAD HABIT:  Scratching griptape until you
go insane! Watch out she will lick your face if you fall asleep.
NAME: Pepperazzi also Pepper, Razzi, Pepsi.

BIRTHDAY: June 20 2010
FAVS: Watch TV, Security Cams
JOB: SkateBoard Pets Blog

GALLERY: Vans Warped Tour

BAD HABIT: Stealing food from Backpacks. Wearing and Hissing like a truck driver,she has her moods. But always affectionate.

SKATE INJURY:  NON Med Issue: A congenital heart defect (CHD) is a defect in the structure of the heart and great vessels which is present at birth.




SKATE INJURY:  Landyachtz deck falls and breaks her back and tail. Click to see XRAY


SKATE INJURY: Slide out 3rd floor window,and was caught by one leg, and tossed back to safety. (4mths old at time) Traumatic event.

For More Information about
the Perfect Pet Feeder

Click Here


Thanks to Purina

Our fuzzy companions
are healthy active cats.

Favorite Flavor is
Chicken & Rice


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